Kings & Queens: The Real Lives of the English Monarchs

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Kings & Queens: The Real Lives of the English Monarchs

Kings & Queens: The Real Lives of the English Monarchs

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Spanning from the Normans through to the House of Windsor, this exquisite little book captures the personalities behind the crowns and records the landmarks, traditions and events of each reign. Terry is the author of 116 books in the UK and over 250 more worldwide, mainly for children and teenagers, including the popular non-fiction series Horrible Histories. Worth mentioning is that the quoted paragraphs are much too small in font size and will present some trouble for those with eye problems.

The author is witty and irreverent and his "tell-it-like-it-was" approach keeps you engaged throughout. From medieval monarchs to the newly-crowned King Charles III, join award-winning author-illustrator Marcia Williams on an entertaining guide to every king and queen of Britain.

Starting with Alfred the Great and ending with QEII, each royal has about five pages dedicated to them with side bars for interesting or events in British history. The Kings and Queens of England is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an illustrated and accessible history of the English monarchy from the Anglo-Saxon era to the present. Thereafter, we learn how the story of Canute turning the tide was a desperate act to prove to his kingdom that he was human. Did England make a sudden shift to a completely symbolic monarchy with George I, or was that just the beginning of a more gradual process?

But in a boxer-shorts blunder at the Royal Mail, the King's undies have been posted to his subjects nationwide! Kings and Queens will attempt to answer this question, and many others, providing valuable insight into British history and how Britain is ruled today. The other thing that I was especially struck by in the course of this reading was the realization of how deeply embedded within the English tradition is respect for the rule of law, which has obvious bearing upon a solid understanding of American history as an extension of English history. Alongside historical facts, readers enjoy the anecdotes, the gossipy snippets, which increase the pleasure of reading this beautifully formed and satisfying biographical journey.So many books of this type start with William the Conqueror, when in reality the parade of English kings begins much, much earlier with fifteen men of varying abilities occupying the English throne, beginning with Alfred the Great. Although Crofton does mention interesting and/or menial notes and facts; nothing is detailed and therefore the reader is not left with a solid image of any of the monarchs.

Meanwhile, a little girl is wondering what knickers Her Majesty will choose to wear on a school visit! I've thoroughly skimmed through this book, but this year it is my goal to sit down each night and read each chapter (monarch) in its entirety.An exquisite companion to There Once Was a Queen, this commemoration of King Charles III’s coronation is a gift book truly to be treasured. Nope, all is fine, and due to Anne I's tragedy of all 17 children dying at birth or shortly before, we get the Georges. From picturebooks about The King’s Pants to comprehensive fact books like Kings and Queens: Alfred the Great to King Charles III and Everyone In-Between! The book describes how the power of the crown has changed as a result of both the character and ability of each monarch and evolving historical circumstances. Yesterday a parent came over to tell me how impressed she was by the book fair and that you did a fabulous job of selling the books to the children first.

I bought it as a bedside read and because the book is divided into easy-to-chew sections for that purpose. I guess this book knows its audience – I mean, you are probably most likely to read a book by this title if you think the monarchy is a good thing and are a conservative old fool in a nursing home (or a conservative old fool in waiting to go to a nursing home), whereas I was mostly reading it for amusing anecdotes. Amusingly, and hardly surprisingly, this became much more conservative as it got closer to the current day. Among the many sad examples in this lineage, those that are chronicled regarding the Hanoverians are perhaps most horrific.I got this volume at a used library sale a number of years ago and have frequently skimmed various parts. This allegorical story tells how – with the help of a tiny acorn – a wise old woman gives a lonely boy, who would be king, the courage and determination to change the world for the better, for everyone. Each monarch is profiled and the impact of his or her rule on wider English history is described and analyzed.

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