Lintbells Yurelieve for Cats, 30 Capsules

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Lintbells Yurelieve for Cats, 30 Capsules

Lintbells Yurelieve for Cats, 30 Capsules

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These may seem to be an additional inconvenience, but this is UK Law. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions, regardless of the situation. Where can I find more information about Authorised Medications? Hi Dr. Beale and the clinic - I am nearly at the 28 day mark and want you to know Antinol has done something that I didn't think I would ever get on top of.

To those of you considering giving your pet Antinol, be aware that improvements in her mobility and a marked decrease in her level of pain were not immediate with my cat. It took until the fourth week (and beyond) of Casey ingesting Antinol capsules as prescribed before I observed a remarkable transformation in her. Casey’s return to better health was the reward for my patience, perseverance, and hope for a positive outcome. From a heatwave in January earlier this year -she was desperate and miserable (and so was I). This week - rolling on the beach and generally loving life - itch/rash free. The law changed in 2005 to require veterinarians to allow their clients to buy veterinary medicines from the supplier of their choice. Your vet will be familiar with this procedure, and will provide a signed prescription on request. To save your vet's time, you can print off a blank prescription which you can take to your vet to be completed. You then need to send this to us for review, before we can despatch any “prescription only” medicines (categorised as POM-V). Will my vet charge me for providing a prescription? Actually, I saw improvement in about two weeks. He was running more and jumping up on the closet, the fridge. He didn’t have any more problems walking.

How to use YuRELIEVE?

You can make such a request, but it is only vets thatare authorised to decide which prescription-only medicines are to be used in any particular animal. If you find something which you believe would be beneficial, or cheaper than the medicine your vet has prescribed, then most vets will happily consider such a request. Please note that they will still have the final say. Obviously if your vet does not seem to be helpful about anything, you can seek a second opinion from another vet. What additional restrictions are there for Scheduled Drugs? Finally my girl's skin rashes and itchiness have gone and I am so grateful. For years I have done everything from diet changes, special balms, lotions, potions you name it and every year from Spring to Autumn - and especially through summer Audrey would get inflamed skin rashes, histamine type hives and be generally uncomfortable. We are not able to send medication to countries outside of the UK under the UK Veterinary Medicines Regulations. A valid prescription is required from a registered vet within the country the medicine is intended to be used. What is a prescription? YuRELIVE is a high-quality, natural supplement for cats which will help them by providing quad-action feline urinary support. Aiding their own anti-inflammatory process, it provides targeted support for their urinary and bladder health. What are the benefits of using YuRELIEVE? Some medications are legally classed in this way to safeguard your pet's health and the general public. They may cause harm if used incorrectly. You can buy them from your veterinarian, a pharmacy, or an authorised internet outlet such as ourselves at PetHealth.Direct How do I get a prescription?

Now she’s still taking Antinol®. According to the vet’s recommendation to continue, to help her get better. I really feel good. She has a fun and active daily life now. Because she can move with freedom. The joy that she had lost has returned like before. She can run, play, jump, fetch things…stuff like that. Seeing her enjoying herself makes me happy. So I think we’ll keep using Antinol®. Before, he had signs of pain in his legs, like a little limp due to pain. So we took him to the vet. The vet diagnosed joint & bone problems, so the vet prescribed Antinol® to improve his symptoms. I decided I might as well give it a try. Casey, my 16-year-old geriatric Calico cat, has experienced extraordinary success and pain relief using Antinol. Pain from osteoarthritis and a cruciate ligament issue in all four limbs, primarily in her right hind leg, resulted in my feline friend developing a limp. Casey had been in deteriorating health for about three years, experiencing higher levels of pain over time. Her normally calm, affectionate, and sweet nature changed.No medicine is risk free and all medicines have the potential to cause adverse effects. Some of the adverse effects are known about and these are explained in the SPC of products. Others that may only rarely occur or are specific for certain breeds or groups of animals may only be seen when the products are used more widely. If you suspect that you or your animal has had an adverse reaction to a veterinary medicine, or you think the medicine hasn’t worked as it should have done, report it to the VMD using the form available via the link below: YuRELIEVE is in the form of easy to take capsules. The dosage recommendation is dependent on the size of your cat and what stage they’re at. You simply split the capsule and sprinkle the tasty supplement over the cat’s food. or Post to Pet Health Direct Prescriptions West End House, Upper Green, HIgham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6PA, UK. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Do I need a written prescription from my own vet to buy medicines from Pet Health Direct?

Only YuRELIEVE ADVANCE for Cats contains ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel which provides a unique combination of Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA, and ETA) to aid the natural anti-inflammatory action of the cat’s metabolism. After taking Antinol® for about 1 month I could clearly see Chaokhun’s pain was gone. He was jumping and playing like normal, without any leg pain. Plus, they're easy to give and taste great. Simply split the capsule and sprinkle the supplement over your cat’s food. Only Yumove Urinary Care for Cats supplies the 4 Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) (Chondroitin Sulphate, Dermatan Sulphate, Heparin Sulphate and Hyaluronic Acid) present throughout the urothelium.

What are the benefits of using YuRELIEVE? 

NAG is known to bind to lectins on urothelial cells and is found in the urothelium’s protective mucin layer. I want him to stay with us as long as he can because he’s already like a part of our family. He’s like our little brother. We adopted him and want him to stay with us as long as possible.

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