LEONLITE COB LED Security Light, Commercial Motion Sensor Flood Lights Outdoor, 3 Modes Motion Detector+Dusk to Dawn+Switch Control, 100-277V, Adjustable 2-Head, IP65, 5000K Daylight, ETL, White

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LEONLITE COB LED Security Light, Commercial Motion Sensor Flood Lights Outdoor, 3 Modes Motion Detector+Dusk to Dawn+Switch Control, 100-277V, Adjustable 2-Head, IP65, 5000K Daylight, ETL, White

LEONLITE COB LED Security Light, Commercial Motion Sensor Flood Lights Outdoor, 3 Modes Motion Detector+Dusk to Dawn+Switch Control, 100-277V, Adjustable 2-Head, IP65, 5000K Daylight, ETL, White

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The first thing you should consider is the range and angle that you’ll need for your property—and your property only! It’ll be highly annoying for your neighbors if they can easily trip your motion sensor lights from their yard or, even worse, from their home! So, if you live on tighter lots, a shorter range might actually be better, while if you live on a large piece of property, you’ll want something that extends a long way out. In addition to the sensor range adjustment, this light also includes controls for sensitivity, the light timer, and a toggle switch for the three lighting modes. The sensitivity and range adjustments allow you to keep the light from activating due to the wind blowing through nearby trees or your neighbors walking around in the yard, and the timer adjusts how long the light stays on. The lighting modes allow you to keep the light on at all times, only activate when motion is detected, or remain on every night from dusk until dawn. Being an LED light, the low-wattage bulbs produce just as much light without using as much energy as traditional bulbs. If you’re purchasing your motion sensor light with the intention of lowering your power consumption, the LEONLITE LED is a good choice. Even if you live in an area with a lot of rain or other inclement weather, the light’s IP65 waterproofing and solid aluminum construction can hold up to a lot of punishment from the elements. The fixture has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, meaning you’ll be using it for years to come. You’re not going to get an overnight feature, meaning you can’t use it dusk-to-dawn, but you can set the duration of the motion sensor light from 10 seconds all the way to 10 minutes, or simply turn it on. Each of the three lights is independently adjustable, as is the motion sensor unit. You can either bend all three of the light areas to focus on one spot, or widen them out to cover the most area possible. This unit is relatively easy to install, no more so than expected with an outdoor light fixture. The adjustable sensor unit provides motion sensing with a wide 180-degree detection angle and a range of around 69 feet. That range is adjustable via a convenient dial on the bottom of the sensor, and you can aim the sensor head itself to focus on the direction that any intruders are most likely to approach from. We love the straightforward setup, and the solid, well-made construction, although we found the included gasket a bit flimsy. If your house is pre-wired for a light, and already has a junction box, installation requires nothing more than a screwdriver, some wire nuts, and some electrical tape. We were also pleased that you can adjust the angle of the motion sensor, which has a 180-degree range.

With this light, you can choose from four different modes: auto motion sensor, dusk to dawn, on-time, and test mode. The auto motion sensor will turn the light on from one to 10 minutes at night when motion is detected while the on-time mode lets you switch the light on and off like a normal light. The test mode turns the light on for only five seconds when it detects motion during the day or night, and the dusk to dawn mode automatically turns on the light at dusk and off at dawn. You should probably get an outdoor motion sensor light if you’re considering them. You’ll feel more secure, they’ll give convenient, energy-saving light, and you might even have a lower power bill. Which of our recommended units you buy will depend entirely on your needs, but all can confidently be called the best outdoor motion sensor lights. Why trust us We used the “auto” motion sensor mode as we don’t need that side of the house illuminated all the time. Well-made housing and hardware gave us confidence that this light will last for a while. We were impressed with the features of almost everything that came with the LeonLite, especially considering its affordable price. The only thing we didn’t love was the quality of the foam gasket that came with it, which is standard for lights at this price range. Compared to the rest of the construction, it stood out as being lower quality than the rest of the included hardware.Unlike some other lights, this model allows you to adjust timer settings from one minute to 10 minutes. You can also choose a detection range between 5 and 100 feet, which comes in handy especially if you end up moving the light to an area that needs more or less light. Editor's Note (September 2023): This product review was originally written and published in 2020. To make sure we are still recommending the best products for your needs, we recently reviewed this story to make sure it is still accurate and that we stand by what we wrote. Despite newer models and options being available, we still feel confident that this product is one of the best choices, and therefore have included it in The Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights and The Best Outdoor Floodlights. The light beam angle is the area in front of the light in which the motion sensor can detect movement. If a light has a 180-degree light beam angle, it can detect movement anywhere in front or to the side of the light (think of a half circle). If the motion sensor light has a smaller light beam angle, it will only detect movement in a limited zone in front of the fixture. They need either two days of full sunlight to charge or eight hours on the provided USB cable, each of which is time-consuming. To prepare for this piece, Laukkonen performed in-depth research on dozens of outdoor motion sensor lights, focusing on factors like ease of installation and use, range, angle of detection, along with more advanced features like built-in cameras and smart home connectivity.

To increase safety at night (especially helpful for older adults), also consider installing motion sensor lights beside pathways and on stairs. The light can detect movement up to 30 feet away, providing more than adequate coverage for providing light near a doorway or in front of the garage. Just be aware that there’s no switch to override the sensor or turn the lights off so if you don’t want to use them all the time, you’ll have to remove the batteries to stop them from turning on. Power Source: There are various ways you can power outdoor motion sensor lights, including hardwired electric, solar power, batteries, or plug-in electric. Hardwired lights require professional installation to wire directly into your home’s electrical system, whereas plug-in models have a standard power cord that plugs into an outlet. How We EvaluatedPopular Science started writing about technology more than 150 years ago. There was no such thing as “gadget writing” when we published our first issue in 1872, but if there was, our mission to demystify the world of innovation for everyday readers means we would have been all over it. Here in the present, PopSci is fully committed to helping readers navigate the increasingly intimidating array of devices on the market right now. The light fixtures are heat and frost-resistant, so they can keep working through all sorts of weather and in a variety of climates. A large solar panel helps make these lights more efficient, reducing the charging time needed and helping them to work better on cloudy, rainy days.

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